Sunday، November 02، 2008

راه‌یابی واژه کردان به فرهنگ آکسفورد

هرچند دانشگاه آکسفورد اتهام! دادن مدرک دکترا به کردان را تکذیب کرد، واژه "کردان" به دیکشنری آکسفورد راه پیدا کرد.

Kordanize /'kərdənaiz/ (v.) [past tense: Kordanized / past participle: Kordanized ]
(1): To get Ph.D without having B.Sc.
(2): To become an important person (e.g. minister) by presenting fake certificate or documents.
- Kordanification( n.)
(1): The process of receiving fake degree, especially from a prestigious university (e.g. Oxford)
(2): The relationship between happiness and telling a big lie.
(3): A method in order to gain Self confidence.
- Kordanism(n. )
(1): The philosophy and strategy of telling lie to a large group of people (e.g.. a nation)
(2): A psychological method for deceiving people and laughing simultaneously.
- Kordanic(adj. )
(1): Happy
(2): Self Confident
(3): Relaxed
- Kordanicly(adv. )
(1): In a Kordanic manner.
پ.ن: "این مطلب کاملا طنز میباشد. رجوع شود به اینجا"